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Our little Anna Lou is home and went off for her first day back at school today!  We are so blessed, the surgery could not have gone better and her doctors are thrilled with how quickly she has recovered.   We are still awaiting her pathology report, but from what her surgeon saw-  we shouldn’t expect any surprises.

In the four days that I spent at Children’s National Medical Center I couldn’t help but think about how blessed we are.  We were there proactively treating our daughter to prevent the onset of thyroid cancer.  We were surrounded by so many that weren’t as fortunate.  For many in the surgical unit-  this was their last hope for their children.  This wasn’t lost on us.  It’s a shame that it takes seeing so many less fortunate than you to realize how good you have it.

We were so humbled by the entire experience and so impressed with the entire staff at Children’s.  From the doctors and nurses, to the administrators and the janitors.  Being there for any amount of time it’s clear to see how the employees’ main focus is to nurture every child that they touch.  However, with an epidemic of pediatric cancer and the rising costs of treatment it becomes difficult to provide such quality healthcare to the masses.  This is the case at so many Children’s Hospitals across the country.  We are indebted to the staff at Children’s and have become forever changed by our experience.  Now it’s time for us to give back so that so many children have the chance to grow up, just like our Anna Lou. ♥

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  1. nicole

    What a beautiful message. That made me tear up… So thankful for sweet Lou’s improving health and the health of my own sweet girls, and praying for all the mothers with aching hearts whose children are not as fortunate. xoxo

  2. AnneMarie

    Blessed you are! So glad your sweet girl is ok. I will hug my children a little tighter as I know you will

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