etsy love: pencil shavings studio.

Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List.

I thought I’d fill your computer screens with color today. ┬áThese items from Pencil Shavings Studio make me so happy!Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List.

Adore these striped iPad + iPhone cases.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List.And how great are these custom lucite trays?
Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List.

This pillow puts a smile on my face.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List.

And this sprinkle iPhone case is sweet enough to eat!

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  1. Rachel

    Eek! Thanks so much for this gorgeous feature! I so appreciate it.
    Rachel Shingleton
    Pencil Shavings Studio

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