Best. Chocolate. Ever.

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a “sweets” person.  Very rarely do I indulge in dessert (I’d rather have chips or fries– salty is my weakness.)  I digress…. This summer when we went to Norway I got hooked on this.  Seriously, you guys-  it is amazing.  So rich and creamy-  like little bites of heaven.

Best. Chocolate. Ever. |  Kiki's List

We just ran out of the stockpile that we bought in customs so I had to order more on Amazon.  We are down to two squares and E has claimed them-  I promised her I would wait until the new shipment was delivered.  TG for Amazon Prime!

One thought on “Best. Chocolate. Ever.

  1. Tonje

    Yes, Norwegian chocolate is THE BEST!!!!

    I am Norwegian and when I was in high school I was a foreign exchange student in Salt Lake, Utah. Needless to say, my host family got hooked on norwegian chocolate. I am going back this Christmas and I plan to wrap up tons ofNorwegian chocolate and give to them for Christmas 😉


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