I adore flamingos.  They are such gorgeous creatures.  It also helps that their feathers are my all-time favorite color.  Flamingos add an element of fun and whimsy to any room.

Lou's Room | Kiki's ListFor example, I framed this greeting card for a wall in Lou’s room.  See it up there in the right-hand corner?

Flamingos | Kiki's List

How fantastic are these two feathered friends?
Flamingos |  Kiki's List

These love birds make the perfect cake topper for a wedding or bridal shower.

Flamingos | Kiki's List

This flamingo mobile almost makes me want to have another baby.  Almost.

Flamingos | Kiki's ListAnd this Gray Malin print would add a punch of color to an otherwise boring wall.  I’ve scoured the internet for my favorite flamingo finds and here they are just for you!

Flamingos | Kiki's List

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