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Connecticut Cool.

Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

One Kings Lane is currently featuring the Connecticut home of accessory designer Brett Heyman.  Brett is the founder of the accessory brand, Edie Parker.

Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

  The exterior of the home is so perfectly new england-esque.  I could get used to this.  Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

While the overall feel is traditional, Brett mixes in a modern-minimalist flair.
Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

Like this lantern.Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

I love a good banquette.Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

Dying over this Tim Walker print. Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

This looks like the perfect place for wine and s’mores.
Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

Of course, everyone needs a bee house.

Connecticut Cool  |  Kiki's List

Gorgeous, right?
Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.51.12 PMOKL has Edie Parker towels on sale now!


Puppy Party.

Puppy Party | Kiki's ListThis year, Lou wanted to have a puppy party.  Not just any puppy party, but a party with actual puppies.  Luckily, our friends at A Forever Home were willing and able to help us out with this lovable little bunch. Puppy Party | Kiki's List

Adorable, right?  These four were hard to resist, but at the risk of becoming a crazy dog lady, I had to stick to my guns.  The girls worked me-  but I stayed strong.  Of course, I would take them all if I could, but I think two dogs is the limit for our family.Puppy Party | Kiki's List

This party was all about puppy love.  I ordered custom printables from Itsy Belle.  Christy was great to work with-  she even custom designed everything to include our girls, Bailey and Lola!Puppy Party | Kiki's ListSee Lola on the left and Bail on the right-  she even has a grey beard just like our old girl!   I was so proud of Anna who wanted to ask for donations for the puppies in lieu of gifts.Puppy Party | Kiki's List  Luckily, it was a nice day, so we were able to use the backyard.  The LOVE sign was a last-minute addition, I thought it was perfect!
Puppy Party | Kiki's ListThe giant flowers are from Paper Source, and I found the puppies here.  We used the 8 x 10 polka dot printable from Itsy Belle to make the party hats and topped them off with these flowers to match the invitations.
Puppy Party | Kiki's ListI bought these jars from Target and filled them with tiny treats for the puppies.  Puppy Party | Kiki's ListThey were the perfect size for these little nuggets.
Puppy Party | Kiki's ListNow onto the sweet treats.  Puppy Party | Kiki's ListI worked with Cute Fondant who created these cupcake toppers.  Little B & Lola’s everywhere! Puppy Party | Kiki's ListPuppy Party | Kiki's List Puppy Party | Kiki's ListThese tags were included with the printables, I used vanilla icing to coat the milk bottles then coated the rim in sprinkles. Puppy Party | Kiki's ListPuppy Party | Kiki's ListNeedless to say, they went quickly.Puppy Party | Kiki's ListPuppy Party | Kiki's ListThe flower garland is from Target.Puppy Party | Kiki's ListI followed this recipe to make some Puppy Chow-  it was a hit!Puppy Party | Kiki's ListAt the end of the party, each of the girls got to “adopt” their own puppy.   Puppy Party | Kiki's ListPuppy Party | Kiki's ListHow cute are these adoption certificates?
Puppy Party | Kiki's List

Lou picked a King Charles Spaniel, named her “Luna.”Puppy Party | Kiki's ListPuppy Party | Kiki's ListOf course, everyone would have rather left the party with one of these puppies. 😉
Puppy Party | Kiki's List

We scattered pictures of the girls and their furry sisters around- perfect solution for an inexpensive centerpiece!  The frames are Ikea Ribba.Puppy Party | Kiki's ListLou wanted hot dogs, so we had a hot dog bar.  I bought these hot dog bags and fed them through the printer using the template from Itsy Belle.Puppy Party | Kiki's ListPuppy Party | Kiki's ListPuppy Party | Kiki's ListWhat’s a party without a piñata?Puppy Party | Kiki's ListThe birthday girl had a great day.
Puppy Party | Kiki's ListIn fact so did all of the girls. I am happy to report that all four of these pups have found their forever home, but new animals are brought in daily,  Please consider adopting, and make sure to have your pets spayed and neutered. A Forever Home a non-profit organization that helps animals in need.  Of course, there are always opportunities to volunteer or donate.  Thank you to A Forever Home and all of the rescue organizations out there for saving so many animals that otherwise would have no chance. 🐶❤️

Photos via Afton Photography.


Serena & Lily’s Summer.

Serena + Lily's Summer | Kiki's List

Serena + Lily's Summer | Kiki's ListHave you guys seen Serena & Lily’s Outdoor collection for Summer?  It’s unbelievable.

Serena + Lily's Summer | Kiki's List

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Marc Appleton.

Marc Appleton | Kiki's List

I recently stumbled upon the portfolio of Marc Appleton, a California-based architect.  I’m in awe of his versatility and ability to create a structure that looks like it has been in it’s surroundings for years.  I am particularly enamored with the exteriors of his work.  Every project is perfectly suited to it’s location.Marc Appleton | Kiki's ListMarc Appleton | Kiki's List Marc Appleton | Kiki's List

Marc Appleton | Kiki's List Marc Appleton | Kiki's List Marc Appleton | Kiki's List Marc Appleton | Kiki's ListMarc Appleton | Kiki's ListMarc Appleton | Kiki's ListMarc Appleton | Kiki's List

Marc Appleton | Kiki's ListMarc Appleton | Kiki's ListMarc Appleton | Kiki's List

Beautiful, right?  The interiors of these projects are equally stunning.  You can check them out here.


Sitting Poolside.

Time to get those backyards ready for Summer! Here’s everything you need to get started.  Just add water.

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