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the pumpkin gets a make-over.

Tired of the same ole’ Jack-o-Lanterns?  Work one of these no-carve pumpkin makeovers onto your front porch for a fresh look!

pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.


Office Supply Pumpkins.
pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Gold-dipped.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.


Funky Ombre Pumpkins.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Crayon Drip.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Watercolor and Glitter.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Puffy Paint Designs.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list. Create a vase.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Donuts!pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.Gilded Harvest.  (Probably better for your dining room table, but I had to include this one!) ;)


black thumb.

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My family loves to tease about my black thumb. The only plant I can seem to keep alive for a reasonable amount of time is an orchid.  I have been through at least a dozen fiddle leaf fig trees and just can’t seem to keep them alive.  That’s why I love this easy-peasy diagram by Jenny.  I’ll give it a shot!


kid’s graffiti furniture.

kid's graffiti furniture  |  kiki's list kid's graffiti furniture  |  kiki's list

kid's graffiti furniture  |  kiki's listkid's graffiti furniture  |  kiki's listI am loving the trend of kid’s graffiti furniture.  Basically, upholster a chair or sofa and let your kids go to town with a set of sharpies.  Definitely not for a more formal room- but look on the bright side, you’d never have to worry about stains!  What do you think?

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The Office.

the office.  |  kiki's list.

We are about 80% done with the office.  We’ve come a long, long way.  Here is what the wall where the bookshelves currently reside looked like a few months ago.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.44.29 PMThe office was one of the first rooms that we painted when we moved in 12 years ago.  The sofa (which I love) is about as old as I am.  It’s a hand-me-down from my parents.  As you can see, the old door really cut into the room-  not making it very functional.  So….

the office.  |  kiki's list.

We took the door off the hinges and moved the sofa to the basement.

the office.  |  kiki's list.

Then we started building the bookshelves.

the office.  |  kiki's list.

The electrician wired for recessed lighting as well as four sconces over the bookcases.

the office.  |  kiki's list.

Added paint (BM Black.)
the office.  |  kiki's list.

I painted these sconces (similar here) with Krylon Brass spray paint

the office.  |  kiki's list.

and these cabinet pulls with the same paint.

the office.  |  kiki's list.

We replaced the swing door with this custom-made barn door that slides back and forth which provides us full access to the bookshelves.

the office  |  kiki's list.

We are installing 3 of these consoles for the base of the desk along the wall opposite from the bookcase.

the office.  |  kiki's list.

I’ve also painted the hardware Krylon Gold.

the office  |  kiki's list.

This Tanzania wallpaper by Thibaut went up on the ceiling.

the office.  |  kiki's list.

And I’ve been busy styling away.

the office.  |  kiki's list.

  Next up: a trifecta of installs- window treatments, countertops and a ginormous bulletin board.