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My Christmas List.

My Christmas List |  Kiki's List

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12 days of christmas sale.

12 % off sale til Christmas day  |  Krista Salmon JewelryStill have a few ladies on your list who need that special something?  We’ve got you covered.  Get 12% off now through Christmas Day in the shop.  Use code 12DAYS.  Buy for your mom, your bestie, your lady or even yourself!  Merry Christmas!


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fashion friday: krista salmon jewelry.

Krista Salmon JewelryIf you read KKL, you know that I have recently launched my own jewelry line.  This line has been years in the making.  As many of you small business owners know, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to create your vision.  The fundamental theory behind this blog has always been to help people achieve a stylish life on a budget.

Krista Salmon Jewelry

As a consumer of women’s fashion jewelry, I always bought items that spoke to me-  lots of color, bold lines and a ton of sparkle.  They looked great at first, however, time after time I was disappointed in the wear and tear of every piece I owned.  A necklace that I paid almost $200 for would turn black after only a few wears, or earrings that I spent over $70 on would irritate my ears after only a few hours.  So, began my mission to create a line made of only the best materials that would last forever.  I emphatically use elite stones and metals at a price point that works for you.   Swarovski Elements crystals, Brazilian Agate and 18 K gold coating just to name a few.

Krista Salmon Jewelry

I am so excited with the inaugural collection and am thrilled to finally be able to share it with all of you!

Krista Salmon Jewelry

I hope you love it too.Krista Salmon Jewelry

Thanks to all of you who have supported me on this journey.  I am truly living my dream!

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fashion friday: holiday office party.

Holiday Office Party |  Kiki's List

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