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The Bouqs.

{Bouquets, simplified.}  I’m loving this company that sends you eco-friendly, sustainable flowers at a single flat-fee..  including shipping!   Their flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano in Equador and cut and shipped on the day you order.  This means they arrive fresh, beautiful and will last longer than the normal flowers that are shipped from a warehouse.  Fresh, affordable and simple.. love it!


fashion friday: spring blooms.

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With two more months left of cold weather and snow (blah), I thought I’d bring some Spring into the air today with my favorite floral prints.  The countdown is on!


the pumpkin gets a make-over.

Tired of the same ole’ Jack-o-Lanterns?  Work one of these no-carve pumpkin makeovers onto your front porch for a fresh look!

pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.


Office Supply Pumpkins.
pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Gold-dipped.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.


Funky Ombre Pumpkins.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Crayon Drip.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Watercolor and Glitter.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Puffy Paint Designs.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list. Create a vase.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Donuts!pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.Gilded Harvest.  (Probably better for your dining room table, but I had to include this one!) 😉