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fashion friday: spring blooms.

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With two more months left of cold weather and snow (blah), I thought I’d bring some Spring into the air today with my favorite floral prints.  The countdown is on!


the pumpkin gets a make-over.

Tired of the same ole’ Jack-o-Lanterns?  Work one of these no-carve pumpkin makeovers onto your front porch for a fresh look!

pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.


Office Supply Pumpkins.
pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Gold-dipped.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.


Funky Ombre Pumpkins.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Crayon Drip.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Watercolor and Glitter.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Puffy Paint Designs.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list. Create a vase.pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.

Donuts!pumpkin makeover  |  kiki's list.Gilded Harvest.  (Probably better for your dining room table, but I had to include this one!) ;)


black thumb.

kiki's list.
My family loves to tease about my black thumb. The only plant I can seem to keep alive for a reasonable amount of time is an orchid.  I have been through at least a dozen fiddle leaf fig trees and just can’t seem to keep them alive.  That’s why I love this easy-peasy diagram by Jenny.  I’ll give it a shot!