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let’s party.

let's party  |  kiki's list.

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our little mermaid.

Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's List

A couple of weeks ago, our little Lou turned seven.  She wanted a mermaid party inspired by her last Halloween costume.  It was so much fun designing the details.

Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's List Melissa custom-made these invitations for us.  Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListLou was so excited for the day of her party to finally arrive.Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListLuckily, her theme matched our porch.  😉Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListMint is Lou’s favorite color, so it made things very easy.
Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListEtsy is my place for all things fabulous.  How fantastic are these tablecloths?Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's List

However, I had the brilliant idea of surprising the girls with goldfish thinking that they could double as centerpieces.  (I know, I am a maniac.)  I figured it was a great lesson in responsibility.  Much to my chagrin, my girls are far more responsible than I thought… I also learned that these goldfish can live up to 40 years.  Yowsa.Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListBut they love them.  Lou named hers Sparkles, and E named hers Lucky.Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListJust two more animals on this crazy farm… but back to the decorations…
Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListWe made the caramel starfish cupcake toppers out of a mold that I bought at Michael’s.Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListAnd were able to use a ton of beachy decorations that we already had.Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListOur Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListNaturally, all of the food resembled some sort of sea creature.Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListOur Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListPhish Food is Lou’s absolute favorite ice cream. Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListThe girls had fun making their own drinks with candy fish swimming in them.
Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's List Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's List Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's List Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListThe party favors were my favorite element of the party.  Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListI bought these bags, had them embroidered with each girls’ name and glued on these crocheted starfish.Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListOur Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's ListWe filled them with these wands and flower necklaces that we made with trim from our local fabric store.Our Little Mermaid  |  Kiki's List

The birthday girl had such a great time.. I love her little face so much!

Photography-  Afton Photography

Invitations + Tags-  Made on Eastern Avenue

Table Clothes-  Candy Crush Events

Favor Bags-  Amazon

Starfish-  Knelly Bean

Wands- Little Crafts 01

Ombre Tassel Banner- 3 Kids and Colors

Cupcake Wrappers-  Mooses Creations


These. Knives.

These.  Knives.  |  Kiki's List.How gorgeous are these knives?  On sale now at One King’s Lane!


blueprint cleanse.

blueprint cleanse  |  kiki's list.

Last week I tried a 3 day Blueprint Cleanse for the first time.  I have tried many other cleanses in the past, but what I liked about this one was that there was absolutely no effort on my part.  You basically drink these six juices that are overnight expressed to you in numerical order for three days.  That’s it.  (Confession:  I also “spoiled myself” with some arugula and fresh squeezed lemon each afternoon.)

Unlike some of the other cleanses out there, these are USDA Certified Organic.  They say that about 20 lbs. of produce goes into each bottle of juice.. and I beleive it!  I felt more energetic, less bloated and lost a few pounds.

After the cleanse I tried to make my favorite Pineapple Apple Mint juice (seriously, it might be the best thing I’ve ever tasted, I wanted to pour vodka in it… is that bad?) and it cost me about $10 of produce and 30 minutes of prep to get about a 1/2 cup of juice, which was good, but not as good as Blueprint’s.  This stuff is worth it’s weight in gold I tell you!  You can order them from their website, or purchase most of their juices at Wholefoods.

blueprint cleanse  |  kiki's list.
I am a convert.  I have signed up for a bi-weekly delivery of the Tasting Flight (includes 2 Pineapple Apple Mints, 2 Spicy Lemonades and 2 Cashew Milk with Cinnamon, Agave Nector and Vanilla.)  All delicious and a great option for those mornings when I don’t have time for breakfast, or in the evenings to mix with vodka. 😉


summer libations.

Summa Summa Summatime!  (Love me some DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.)  There’s no better way to turn up a party than a great signature cocktail.  Impress your guests with one of these easy to make libations.

summer libations  |  kiki's list.

Watermelon Mojito summer libations  |  kiki's list.

Pink Lemonade Margarita

summer libations  |  kiki's list.

Cucumber Cape Coddersummer libations  |  kiki's list.

Gazpacho Bloody Maryssummer libations  |  kiki's list.

Melon Sangriasummer libations  |  kiki's list.Watermelon Margarita