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oh joy!

Two things… 1.) Have you all seen Oh Joy’s! Collection for Target?  So colorful and perfect for Spring!  I am so elated to see when a fellow blogger makes their dreams come true.  2.) Have you seen pictures of the party that she threw for her launch?  I can’t even find the words.

oh joy!  |  kiki's list.

oh joy!  |  kiki's list.

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e turns 8.

Sleepover Invitations

It’s hard to believe it’s been three months already, but I am finally getting around to posting pictures of E’s sleepover.


All of the invitations and party printables were custom made and will be available online soon.  If you are looking to purchase them immediately, email me.  We were able to make so many decorations from the printable package.  I loved how everything turned out!

sleepover cupcakes

We attached cutouts of the pillow design from the invitation to lollipop sticks from Michael’s and used them as cupcake toppers.

Sleepover Party Favors

We filled these boxes from Michael’s with all kinds of spa goodies.  We wrapped the tops in paper from the printables.

Party Favors Sleepover Party Favors


I printed paper and glued them together to make a table runner.


We mod podged the same paper to a cardboard E from JoAnn’s… and also used it for the banners.S'mores Boxes

We made individual s’mores packages for each girl.  You can get the boxes here.

S'mores BoxesI just love how they turned out.


We made several attempts to dip the balloons in glitter.  The first prototypes had way more glitter, but I didn’t account for the weight of the glitter weighing down the balloons.  This was the most glitter that we could apply and still allow them to float.  Flowers

Girls Girls

S'mores Boxes


i think they had fun. ;)

Images by Jan Michele Photography


our porch.

For those of you that have been following #theneverendingporchproject on Instagram, this post is a long time coming.  Almost a year ago, I started working with Jeff at Great Falls Landscapes on the concept.

Porch Exterior Drawing

We worked for weeks on the plan.. And finally came up with perfection.

Porch DrawingThere were a lot of changes along the way. And while it took what seems like forever to build, I couldn’t be happier with the end results.  It’s funny, before finding GFL, I had initially hired someone else, and ultimately fired him two weeks in due to his lack of creativity.  So glad that I found them!  Jeff and Lance were amazing to work with and really “went” with my crazy ideas..

Porch Exterior(This was right before E’s Party.. pics to come on that later..)

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we all scream.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.20.55 AM

Summer is winding down.  We actually have our end of summer neighborhood ice cream social tomorrow night. In my dream of being a perfect mother, I would be making these.  Reality?… I will race home from the office 30 minutes late schlepping a melted carton of ice cream and whatever toppings are in our pantry.  The good news is that I am starting to realize that it doesn’t matter.  I need to CTFD.