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Anthro’s Latest.

Anthro's Latest | Kiki's List

Anthropologie has just released a ton of new home products from furniture to housewares and they are seriously on point.  Check out all of the newest pieces here.


Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters | Kiki's List

Urban Outfitters currently has some great items at really low prices.  Too many awesome finds for this one post.  Check out their latest additions here.


Etsy Love.

Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

I’m a huge fan of the modern brass fixtures from Pepe and Carols–  and they are so much more affordable than some of the big brands on the market right now.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

This TP holder rivals far more expense versions.

Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

Loving this brass and reclaimed wood shelf.

Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

I’ve always wondered why paper towel holders weren’t more stylish.  My prayers have been answered with this one.
Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

Loving this towel ring.Etsy Love  |  Kiki's ListIf a towel bar is more to your liking…
Etsy Love  |  Kiki's List

And lastly, the perfect robe hook.  Check out their selection of lighting too!


Cremone Bolts.

Cremone Bolts | Kiki's List

I’m obsessed with the idea of an old home with good bones.  While our home was built within the last 20 years, and lacks, how do you say character, there are still ways to add some charming design elements.  One example,  cremone bolts.

Cremone Bolts | Kiki's List

It’s like jewelry for your cabinets-  the perfect accessory, don’t you think?!?

Cremone Bolts | Kiki's List

They are easily available and can be added to any cabinet.

Cremone Bolts | Kiki's List

They come in brass, nickel, iron-  you name it!

Cremone Bolts | Kiki's List

You can stick to a more traditional look, or give them a modern flair-  the options are endless.

Cremone Bolts | Kiki's List

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Up Your Hardware Game.

Up Your Hardware Game  |  Kiki's List

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