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a place to chill.

We have slowly been working on our basement the past few months.  The latest project was this set of orange built-ins.  kiki's list.This is a really big (and awkward space.)  The area on the left is about 9 inches deeper than the other two areas.  Here is the before.

kiki's list.

kiki's list.

While this side is pretty much done (aside from me finding a third matching basket at HomeGoods) the other side is a bit more laborious.

kiki's list.

I want this to be an area where the girls can hang out, read a book, or even serve as another bed for sleepovers (the length is that of a twin bed.)  I was just going to just add a custom cushion and call it a day.. but as I ponder it over in my head, the project seems to grow (story of my life.)

So, we will be creating an upholstered bench. Here are some pictures for inspiration.

kiki's list. kiki's list. kiki's list. kiki's list. kiki's list. kiki's list.


Wish me luck!


best homegoods eva.

HG Chair

Last week I bought this chair at my local HomeGoods for our basement media room that is FINALLY getting finished.  As much as I loved it, I was stressed about my purchase because I needed two of these chairs and my HG’s only had one.  The hunt was on.  I spent the first half of Saturday calling every HomeGoods within a 40 mile radius (luckily there are quite a few.)  After an hour of calling several stores, describing the chair, giving the style number and price (over and over) I was ready to give up.  E was at my side cheering me on just when I had lost all hope.  As I said to her “This is useless baby.” I heard a voice ask on the other line “How much would you love me if I told you I had it?”  I started screaming “SHUT UP, SHUT UP!”  Sure enough, he had it.  So E and I hopped in the car and drove about an hour to the Kingstowne store and all I can say is HOLY SH&% that store is REDONKULOUS!  Just check out some of the HomeGoodies we found…

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.41.24 PM

Loved this linen/nailhead sofa.HomeGoods

Somebody pinch me…..


I think I’m dreaming. Gorgeous, right?  Would need to find a match for this one too!


It KILLED me to leave this there.. But I had no place to store it or clients that had a need for it.


Yep, this is not a dream.HomeGoods

This guy needed a few tiny mirrors to be replaced, but it would have cost under $30.  Looks a lot like the infamous Peacock Mirror, right?


This picture doesn’t do this lamp justice.  It was stunning in person.


I’d paint this guy.. So many options!

HomeGoodsThey actually had two of these.  Perfect for an office!


I scored this lucite antler for myself.


Isn’t this pillow awesome?


Doesn’t every home need a pair of geode bookends?HomeGoods

I just loved this pillow for a little boy’s room.  It would be a perfect match with that blue and white Stark striped rug on OKL this week!

After all was said and done, the other half of my duo made it home.  Squeal!  This room is gonna be amazing!


homegoods wrap up.


What a great time we had at the HomeGoods Shopping Party on Saturday morning!  We gave out over $800 in HomeGoods cash.  We talked design, HomeGoods shopping tips and had the store all to ourselves.  For those of you that are not local, HomeGoods is partnering with other design bloggers (maybe one in your area) on similar events, so keep your eyes peeled!


our porch.

For those of you that have been following #theneverendingporchproject on Instagram, this post is a long time coming.  Almost a year ago, I started working with Jeff at Great Falls Landscapes on the concept.

Porch Exterior Drawing

We worked for weeks on the plan.. And finally came up with perfection.

Porch DrawingThere were a lot of changes along the way. And while it took what seems like forever to build, I couldn’t be happier with the end results.  It’s funny, before finding GFL, I had initially hired someone else, and ultimately fired him two weeks in due to his lack of creativity.  So glad that I found them!  Jeff and Lance were amazing to work with and really “went” with my crazy ideas..

Porch Exterior(This was right before E’s Party.. pics to come on that later..)

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homegoods shopping party.

It’s no secret that I am a HomeGoods addict.  Friends who shop with me know entering a HomeGoods is like me getting ready for “the big game.”  I am focused.  I am competitive.  Let’s review the fruits of my labor, shall we?

HomeGoods Nightstands and Pillows

Both nightstands in our guest bedroom?  HomeGoods.. Oh yeah and those pink Ralph Lauren pillows too!

HomeGoods Tablescape

These Cynthia Rowley cups were $2.99 each.  Make great vases, eh?

HomeGoods Lamp and Accessories

Basically everything on this dresser… HomeGoods.

HomeGoods Tablescape and Ottomans

Our living room table too.  Not to mention those two green ottomans.

HomeGoods Lamp and Table

This table and that lamp.

Homegoods Bowl and Glassware

This bowl in our dining room that I get so many compliments on…  Just add gold spray paint!

HomeGoods Mirror and Candlesticks

Our dining room mirror and crystal candlesticks.

HomeGoods Table

So much in E’s room came from HG.  She loves her reading table.
HomeGoods Lamp and Bookends

E’s desk lamp, glassware and desk organizers… all HomeGoods.

HomeGoods Geode Bookends

as well as her geode bookends-  love!HomeGoods Tablescape

Pretty much everything on her dresser from picture frames to trays and boxes.

HomeGoods Bench, Picture Frame and LampRemember her bench makeover?  Also the broken picture frame that I scored on clearance?  And that lamp?  H-to-the-G.

HomeGoods Chest and Lamp

This chest, lamp (+ some leftover green spray paint) and coral?  You guessed it.

HomeGoods Bedding and Accessories

And my little Louie’s room.  Probably the single most popular topic that I receive emails about.  Her coverlet and shams are from HomeGoods, not to mention nearly every decorative item on her bookshelves.HomeGoods Table

Her table?  Yup, Yup.
HomeGoods Mirror

And this mirror used to be a picture that I got on clearance.HomeGoods BowlThis orchid bowl in our kitchen?  Only $14.99!

HomeGoods Table Pictures of our porch are coming soon, but you probably saw the post on this table.  The coral and lotus candle holder are great styling accessories- both under $10!

So there you have it-  that’s just a few of the bazillion HomeGoods gems that I have scored.  That being said, I was tickled pink when HomeGoods Corporate reached out to me and asked me to host a shopping party.  They were gracious enough to let me pick my favorite store, which happens to be right in my neighborhood.  They’ll be a gift card in it for every guest as well as a chance to win some major HomeGoods cash.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite items as well as a few tips and tricks that I save for my clients.  Think of it as some free personal shopping. 😉 So…. for you readers in the DC Area, if you would like to attend, please send me an email at so I can add you to the list. Spaces are limited!

HG Shopping Party.001