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Buy Sight, Give Sight.

Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List

Have you guys heard of Jonas Paul Eyewear?  Think Warby Parker for kids mixed with the philanthropic element of Toms.  This company has taken a page out of WP’s book and created home try-on kits for kids.  I love this idea for kids in particular because they have a week to wear, and get used to a pair of glasses before committing.  The specs are super stylish and affordable.  But the best part is, for every pair of glasses you buy, a pair of glasses will be given to a child in need.
Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-10-28-46-am Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's List

They even sell accessories that your kids will love, like this braille “love” band.  It provides 1 week of clean water to someone in need as well as one year of Vitamin A supplements to a disadvantaged child.

Buy Sight, Give Sight  |  Kiki's ListI’m actually super-bummed that my kids don’t need glasses (yet.)  But if yours do- have fun!


Halloween Costumes.

As mothers we learn from our mistakes, right?   I am a repeat offender of waiting too long to get my kids’ Halloween costumes and having to pull something together at the last minute.  It’s super stressful.   I know it sounds crazy, but if you have not hit the “checkout” button by Oct 1, in most cases you are screwed.  This is not my first Halloween rodeo. With almost a dozen Halloweens under my belt, I am finally learning my lesson.  Costumes are purchased and on their way!  I suggest you do the same before all of the good ones are gone. 😉  Here are a few of my faves.
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Summer is winding down, but sales are heating up.  Now is a great time to get gear for the whole family!

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