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just about the cutest thing I eva did see.

nap time.

 Lord knows I am a sucker for all things cute, but my heart literally skipped a beat with these pictures mommy blogger Jessica Shyba posted of her tot Beau and their new pup, Theo napping.

nap time. nap time. nap time. nap time. nap time. nap time.Could you not just die?  Follow #TheoandBeau on Instagram to keep up with all of the latest naps.


home for halloween.


As you lovelies are waking up and reading this, I am landing at Dulles.  I flew through the night to be home with my babies for Halloween. For some reason my company thinks it’s ok to book a sales conference over the week of Halloween (two years in a row)… Newsflash… It’s not.   Last year we all actually missed Halloween with our children.  I am tired.  REALLY tired.  But I’d do it all over again for these two.

Halloween 2012(2012)

Wait until you see this year’s costumes… Happy Halloween!


bright birthday.

bright birthday free printable

Every year, I find myself racing like a maniac to find last minute treat-free favors for my girls’ school birthday. (Life would be sooooo much easier if I could just buy two dozen cupcakes.) This is what E and I came up with this year ($1 marker sets from the Dollar Store.)

I received a few emails asking about the printable– well ladies, today is your lucky day.  I finally figured out how to upload it- so you can go nuts.   Just have your little nuggets sign their own names.  Now just get your asses down to the Dollar Store and buy $30 worth of crappy markers. ;)

bright birthday


life is a blur.

Sometimes I feel like I need to check in with my iPhone to see if things in my life really happened.  That is the case last weekend-  I arrived home from NYC at midnight on Thursday and scurried for the next 36 hours to pull together E’s birthday party as well as a porch photoshoot.  Despite an amazing level of stress, fast food, acne and lack of showers- we got it done.  I can’t wait to show you all the pictures!  Here’s what I do have (from my iPhone.)

IMG_1731 IMG_1736

IMG_1688 IMG_1717 IMG_1720


cats and the cradle.


Am I psyched about summer being over?.. a little.  My kids were at each other’s throats the last two weeks due to a little too much quality time together.  Friday we took them to meet their teachers.IMG_1568And yesterday, we sent them off.  I literally felt nauseous putting my little Louie on the bus.  It didn’t seem this hard with E.  Lou is my baby, my last baby and it felt completely weird to come home to an empty house… to drive to work all alone.  I miss my lil sidekick.  Sometimes I just get so sad thinking about how fast time goes by.  I just wish the world could stop turning- just a little bit.