A Beautiful Planet.

A Beautiful Planet | Kiki's ListLast Friday, the girls and I attended the Premiere of A Beautiful Planet, at the National Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I was so excited to take the girls to see this film not only because it was Earth Day (not to mention their first red carpet event) but also because the film is narrated by Jennifer Lawrence- this gave me major “Mom Cred.”

A Beautiful Planet | Kiki's List

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Before sitting down, I wanted to make sure the girls knew that this was 100% real imagery-  no special effects.  The film features stunning footage of Earth — beautiful views of lighting storms, the definition of various cities at night and even what tornadoes look like from space.  It also shows the effects humanity has had on Earth over time — captured by a team of astronauts aboard the International Space Station.   It was breathtaking… yet terrifying.

We were able to attend a Q & A with the Film’s Director, Toni Myers and the astronauts that shot the film.  As Toni mentioned “the purpose of this film is not to scare you, but to enhance the understanding of our planet.”  Let me tell you people, it scared me.. a lot.

As J- Law says in the film “Once covered in forests, the island of Madagascar is now brown. Meanwhile Brazil, whose rainforests are home to nearly half of the species found on Earth, have been cut down and burned: Nearly half a million square miles have been lost over the past four decades.”

The film also shows the significant depletion of the Colorado River Basin, which has sunk 30 feet over the last 75 years and supplies water to 40 million Americans in seven different states.  This is California’s main water source.

Additionally, this team is tracking the effects that Global Warming is having on Earth.  We are seeing Antarctic Glaciers melting at unprecedented rates.  If melted completely, sea levels would rise by 30 feet.  Even at 10 feet, the earth would lose 28,800 square miles of land, home today to 12.3 million people.  At 30 feet cities like New Orleans, Boston and Miami would be completely lost.

A Beautiful Planet | Kiki's ListThe good news is that all is not lost.  We can have an effect on the planet and it all starts with green energy.  Since this blog is all about items I love, I had to share these amazing Solar Chargers that we received in our swag bags.  You can charge up to two iPhones at a time– and they charge SUPER fast!  Great for camping, a day at the beach or even a day on the run.

  If you can go see A Beautiful Planet, you should.  It opens nationwide in select IMAX theaters tomorrow.  I hope that when people see this film they ARE scared.  This Momma wants to keep our planet beautiful for the generations to come. 🌎