Middle-Aged Makeup.

Middle-Aged Make-Up | Kiki's ListNow that I am quickly approaching what they call Middle-Aged, I am seeing quite a few changes in my skin amongst many other things.  I have come to the conclusion that a lot of the make-up that I wore in my twenties, and probably a little too far into my 30’s were making me look older-  sinking into fine lines and creating a harsher look than I would like.  That being said, I have switched up my makeup routine.  I really love this foundation.  I put it on with this brush and you can use as much or as little as you want-  it blends perfectly.

The key flawless makeup is blending.  I love this sponge and these brushes.  While they seem pricey, they are worth it.  I’ve had some makeup brushes for 16+ years and they are still going strong.   Lastly, I have been using this eye cream and have seen a significant improvement in my bags.  Love it!

Middle-Aged Make-Up | Kiki's List

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