get the look: homegoods.

On a recent trip to HomeGoods, I spied a few of my favorite finds from our house. First-  these metal tables.


We have one in Lou’s Room

Lou's Bedroom - Final Web (5 of 9)

as well as E’s Room.


Next, I spotted this metal bowl.


Which I spray painted gold for our dining room.

IntagliosLastly, there were plenty more silver leaf trays.

Leaf Tray

Which I also glammed up with some gold spray paint for our living room.


So hop on into HomeGoods and get while the gettin’s good!

2 thoughts on “get the look: homegoods.

  1. jill keogh

    I have a gold colored Cynthia Rowley wave mirror from Homegoods and I want to spray paint it high gloss white, to look like a white lacquer. How do I do it, you had steps for a white lamp and I can’t find it now.


  2. jill keogh

    where did you get the fabric for e’s room, drapes and re-upholstered bench!!!
    how do I spray paint the white lamps you did…..Help!!!

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