e’s room.

entire room

Last year, for her birthday, we redecorated E’s room. Her desired color scheme?   Purple and pink, probably my least favorite color combination.  I started twitching at the thought that it might turn out like something out of a Barbie movie.  Well, it didn’t.  And I think we were able to create a room that both mother and daughter were happy with.


It all started with the Mariska Meijers pillows.  That was my inspiration for the room.

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Then we worked up a paint technique that looks like a wash.  I love the way it turned out.  Her bench-  a HomeGoods find that we had reupholstered.


The chandelier is actually broken, but I like it that way.  Speaking of broken…  I bought this picture frame on clearance at HomeGoods.  I had the mirror fixed and replaced the artwork with an enlarged picture of E.  I love the way it turned out.
e pillow

The rocking chair was $20 from Craigslist.  The new fabric is from Spoonflower.


This Target lamp had a makeover.dresser tray

Most of the accessories on her dresser are from HomeGoods.  You can buy a similar mirror here.
best female performerchair

I had the pillow made from extra fabric from her bench.  The table.. HomeGoods.

table vignette


Her desk is from Land of Nod.  You can read about her chair makeover here.desk vignette

Buy this book set here.

Desk Vignette


We covered her bulletin board in the same ol’ ostrich fabric that seems to be appearing all over our house.  It’s so durable and versatile.  I still have a ton left, so you will be seeing more of this!

I love these heart push pins.BB3

entire room

The bedding was on clearance at the Land of Nod (sorry, out of stock.)  It couldn’t be more perfect!


The shades are from Lowes, but we removed the rose trim and added hot pink!juju hatThe jujuhat was quite an ordeal.  I am just glad that we finally got it.Lucite EThe lucite “E” is a custom product.  If you are interested in something like this, send me an email.

Photos by Ryann Colleen Photography

11 thoughts on “e’s room.

  1. Brooke @ Inside-Out Design

    Oh.My.Heavens I LOVE this room!!! Never would have thought I could love a pink and purple color combo but I’m loving it in here! If my daughter ever requests a pink and purple room I’ll be using this one as my design inspiration. Your decorating is fabulous!! I actually featured you on my blog today because I recently discovered your blog (linked at 6th Street Design School for a rug) and I love your style! So so glad to have found you! Here’s the post I did: http://inside-outdesign.blogspot.com/2013/07/blogger-style-im-loving-kikis-list.html

  2. Melissa

    Krista, thank you so much for using my heart push pins in this beautiful room. While sitting her making them I never imagined they would find such a lovely home. Your daughter is very lucky to have such a talented mom. Thanks again, Melissa

  3. Antonia Ewald

    Wow – I am really inspired by this room. I avoid purple – esp. in home decorating but of course Pink and Purple are my daughter’s favorite colors also. I featured this room on my blog today – your designs are truly elegant and beautiful. I am so impressed by the wall treatment – from far away it looks like grasscloth wall paper. Great Job!!

  4. Krista Salmon Post author

    Hi Deb- First, we painted the walls the lighter lilac, then we went two shades darker with a mixture of 1/4 paint, 3/4 water and dry brushed it on. Perhaps a tutorial post is needed? (I am terrible at tutorials!)

  5. Deb

    Just found your blog….absolutely love the room.
    How did you achieve that paint treatment? At first I thought it was wallpaper.

  6. Krista Salmon Post author

    Hi Michelle! Thanks. I use Herndon Upholstery. Ask for Eddie… Tel him I sent you— they’ll take great care of you!

  7. Michelle

    Krista, you really outdid yourself. Whom do you use to reupholster? I live in the area.

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